The Founder & The Force Multiplier

When the CEO looks to hire their Chief of Staff, they have to ask themselves a crucial question: Who is it exactly that you need?


Once the CEO makes that decision to hire, they commit to giving up control—which is a hurdle in itself—and giving it to the new Chief of Staff. The relationship that forms as a result between a CEO and a Chief of Staff is unique, yet crucial to achieving success.


This was a lesson that Adam Hergenrother learned when he hired his Chief of Staff: Hallie Warner. Together, they wrote the book on establishing, maintaining, and enhancing the relationship between the CEO and Chief of Staff.


Get ready to learn about how to the CEO and Chief of Staff can truly engage in fierce, strategic conversations, challenge each other’s thinking, and stay true to the vision of the company.

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Some Questions I Ask:

  • Can you tell us about your book? (0:54)

  • What makes Hallie different from the other candidates for the Chief of Staff role? (4:58)

  • Early on, what specific moments did you feel that you were building trust and rapport with each other? (8:03)

  • Hallie, how did you push against Adam to hold him accountable? (13:03)

  • What is the 0 to 10 principle? (14:55)

  • How did the concept of a “user manual” come to be? (23:31)

  • Where do you align? How are you complementary to one another? (26:49)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Adam needed a Chief of Staff. (5:31)

  • How not having to follow up with a Chief of Staff builds trust. (9:35)

  • Why it’s important to give up control to find success. (10:58)

  • Why Adam values having someone to challenge his thinking, even when it’s frustrating. (14:29)

  • Why it’s valuable to have more support staff than others in the business. (22:17)

  • How to support staff help bring clarity and freedom within organizations. (30:06)

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