Recapping the Chief of Staff Summit

One week ago, 220 Chiefs of Staff from around the country attended the first-ever Chief of Staff Summit in Washington D.C.

New and seasoned Chiefs of Staff gathered together for a unique opportunity to connect with one another and learn from incredible keynote speakers like philanthropist Jean Case, Professor Adam Grant, and Brian Rumao, the Vice President & Chief of Staff at LinkedIn.

In this special episode of Chief of Staff Collective, Catherine and Caroline debrief the Summit and the main takeaways from the event, especially the importance of focusing on self-care so that Chiefs can execute effectively on the job.

Stay tuned for more content and takeaways through our blog, podcasts, and more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Who attended the 2019 Chief of Staff Summit. (1:14)

  • Highlights from the Summit. (3:56)

  • Why it’s so important for Chiefs of Staff to focus on self-care. (10:59)

  • What the future looks like for Chief of Staff summits. (16:55)


2019 Chief of Staff Summit

Jean Case’s LinkedIn

Be Fearless by Jean Case

Adam Grant’s LinkedIn

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Brian Rumao’s LinkedIn