Listening is Key to Human Connection


Are you listening?

As Chiefs of Staff, one of our main job requirements is our ability to communicate with others effectively. This skill includes truly listening, absorbing, and understanding what people are trying to communicate with us.

In this episode, KM Zouhary talks all about the importance of developing communication skills as a Chief of Staff, putting significant emphasis on the importance of listening, and how foundational that skill si to cultivating human connection. Katie’s career led her to take on several different roles so far – including attorney, professor, improvisor, and former Chief of Staff – all of which have communication and human connection at the core of those roles.

So, get ready to learn all about Katie’s unique journey, along with her insights into the power and cruciality of communication.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Tell us about your Chief of Staff role. (4:52)

  • When you jumped into your Chief of Staff role, were you familiar with what it would entail? (6:54)

  • How did your Chief of Staff experience enhance your law school experience? (7:52)

  • In your own words, how do you define communication? (13:09)

  • How do you prioritize listening while still ensuring that you get your point across? (34:21)

  • How do you use communication to demonstrate additional traits and qualities? (38:15)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How the Chief of Staff role changed KM’s career and life. (4:59)

  • How connection became the common thread throughout KM’s life and career. (10:54)

  • Why the Chief of Staff should really be called the Chief Engagement Officer. (16:47)

  • Why it’s important to understand the potential discrepancies between how communications are delivered versus how it’s received. (23:59)

  • Why non-verbal communication is the most important part of communication. (31:08)

  • How to create connection as the Chief of Staff. (42:53)

  • How physical appearance plays a role in being authentic and still communicating effectively. (49:14)

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