Career advisory or chief of staff coaching: Which one’s for me?

Here we break down both services to help you understand that best solution for your needs.

Career Advisory

Our career advisory sessions are one-hour, on-demand sessions by phone or video conference related to a specific topic around the Chief of Staff role. These topics are typically addressed in one, or a few, session(s). Sessions can be purchased by prospective or current Chiefs of Staff and are an affordable option at $149 per hour. Prime Career Advisors are Prime team members (and former Chiefs of Staff) who are selected for you based on your topic area.

Sample advisory inquiries:

  • How do I best position my resume for a Chief of Staff role?

  • Where can I find the best opportunities that fit my Chief of Staff aspirations?

  • I am thinking of asking for a raise in my Chief of Staff role. What should I know and how can I prepare?

  • I want to pitch the Chief of Staff role to my current supervisor. Now what?

Interested in scheduling a career advisory session? You can do so here at any time.

Chief of Staff Coaching


Our coaching services are geared toward current Chiefs of Staff who are seeking to build skills and/or focus on their professional development while in the Chief of Staff role. Coaching is conducted by certified coaches who are trained in coaching techniques that help you grow and develop. Coaching is a longer-term solution than advisory sessions—typically 3 months at a minimum and up to 12 months or longer, depending on need. Because of this, coaching is more expensive than advisory sessions, and specific pricing is dependent on your coach of choice.

Interested in coaching? Visit our coaching page to learn more and contact us.